May 08, 2013

A-Z Reflections

Mission Accomplished !

First of all, a special thanks to Arlee Bird at for masterminding this whole challenge. And to all the co-hosts & minions that spent so much time & effort on making this a success. SMOOCHES !!

This is the second year running that I've completed the A-Z challenge with 3 blogs signed up.  It sounds insane, but I mainly pre-wrote a scheduled the postings ahead of time, so there wasn't much stress hurrying at the last second to get a post up.
2 of my 3 blogs had themes.  I felt those had better quality posts over the one that I basically was winging.  My opinion.

Anyway, I would have liked to see more people using the category codes when they signed up.  I’ve read other reflections posts where people said they were hard to remember what the codes were, I thought they were fairly obvious & thought they helped immensely.  I’m not all into film & book reviews & gaming, so it was nice to have that little heads up as to what I was clicking on.

One suggestion I would make for next year doesn't really have to do with the challenge itself, but with the edu-macational posts beforehand.  I’d like to see the topic of photos & citing covered.  Like when you find a photo on Google, the proper way to give credit to the owner, etc. Someone commented on a photo I used in a post that had a watermark on it and while I had noted I got it from Google images, but it got me wondering if I should have looked harder to find the original site & such.  However, when I used a photo from an actual website, I did link back to that page – just sayin’.

I didn't notice a huge increase in followers, but I’m OK with that. Quality over quantity! 

The one thing I will try to do better next year (and there WILL be a next year!) is to visit more blogs during the challenge & reply back to comments quicker.  I was glad my posts were already written, since life happened & it was just tough to visit as many as I wanted to.  


  1. Congratulations on taking part in the challenge and for a most detailed Reflection Post.

  2. Still making rounds from all the linkys connected to the challenge. I was one that didn't pay any attention to the categories...except AC. I like variety and for the most read all the blogs I clicked on...well not the gaming ones. I don't think any of my 3 blogs fit any of the categories they used, so didn't use them. I was disappointed people didn't reciprocate much. But, that's life I guess.
    Still Blogging after A-Z

    1. I had a hard time choosing a category for this one. It's not really a crafty blog, so I put it under miscellaneous. The other 2 were pretty easy to label.


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