May 17, 2013

167 days!

...and I have nothing done.  Of course the main project this year is the fence.  What I really need to do is hop in the car on June 2 and go to the Great Lakes FrightFest where they are having a demonstration on making plain & fancy PVC fences.  It's only about a 90 minute drive from me, so I may have to go!  I'm a visual type person so it'll help to SEE someone else do this. 

I am currently single & child-less for the night, so I visited a couple Salvation Armies. I found a couple cool things. 

These cool houses (with my iPhone for size reference).  
They have open windows and a place to put lights. 
I'm going to have quite the Halloween village this year!

I wonder if there would be a way to re-paint everything so they looked like they belong together.  
Or would I even want to, since there's tons of detail on each piece?

 These are salt & pepper shakers!!!

 I have no idea what the purpose of these mystery liquids are, but the bottles are pretty cool so they will be dumped out & re-purposed. 

 I'm not sure what I'll do with this tiny glass house & collection of seashells. 

 I also found this cool glittery glass Christmas tree. 

And a fiber-optic tree, that came with batteries, decorations & actually works!

And to be totally random - here is a picture of my lilac & crabapple tree in full bloom. 
I love them together like this! 
Has spring finally gotten to your neck of the woods?


  1. Beautiful flowering bushes. Curious about the title of your blog, as I visit and photograph cemeteries when I get the chance.

    1. It's really just the name of my Halloween display. I chose the name because A) I have 2 huge maple trees in my front yard and B) growing up, my parents had some property in central Michigan and there was an old one-room school house at the corner called Maple Grove and all the old timers in the area called our place that, too. So I combined the obvious with some nostalgia, since I spent a LOT of time at that place up time I finally left home after high school.
      I also love to visit & photograph cemeteries - I'd really love to visit a real Maple Grove Cemetery!!

  2. It's always fun to go to thrift shops!! Lots of treasures to be found!

    1. And you'll never know what you will find, either!

  3. We didn't have much of a spring, going right into hot weather, but everything bloomed like crazy. I am beginning to go into Halloween mode, not full-blown yet but I am getting there. SOOOOOO much to do and I just have felt over-whelmed about starting, but I began this past weekend organizing and planning what has to be made first.

    1. I fell ya! We just got an entire new roof on our garage & that meant cleaning it out to get rid of all the sawdust. So a lot of boxes & totes were condensed & stuff set aside to get rid of. However, I did hear hubby talking to the contractor about replacing our crappy old shed with a bigger one - with room for my props!


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