Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Romeo Cemetery

A couple weeks ago, I took Miss Angela to a dance competition at a somewhat-nearby high school (at which they totally rocked their division - but that's another story!) and this high school was next to a cemetery.  Of course we had to visit!

Romeo, Michigan is an awesome town with a lot of spectacular Victorian houses and also the home of Tillson Street that I wrote about here and also here.  It's funny that I was just snapping pictures and tended to read the names / epitaphs afterward.   There were some interesting people buried there!
 For some reason these were outside the cemetery fence! 
They faced the other way so I couldn't see if they said anything.

 Senator Carl was most known for getting the speed limits on most 
Michigan highways set at 70 mph.

 This one breaks my heart.  
She was 13 and collapsed during dance rehearsal and died of congenital heart failure.  
On the hook to the right of the stone are a pair of ballet pointe shoes.
Excuse me while I go hug my girl. 

 This one of course caught my attention with the statues and flags.  
He was killed in action in Iraq.
He was 22 and his parents will be buried on either side of him. 

 A Civil War memorial


Wow - this has been an interesting post to write.  I think I'll take a page from The Cemetery Traveler and start doing more research into the local cemeteries. 

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