May 30, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Whew!  What happened to spring?  Oh yeah - it happened back in February!  It's been toasty warm.

We had a busy 3-day weekend.  Randy rented a dumpster - this seems to be becoming a tradition with us, getting one over Memorial Day weekend!  However, we cleaned up a couple wood piles in the yard, deep cleaned (eradicating mutant dust bunnies) half the bedroom & living room so we could remove our old bed and get the new one delivered and then got a good chunk of the garage cleaned out.  So I guess it's good the weekend is over, since that 6x6x5 dumpster is full to the top! What an awesome feeling!

Saturday, we met my sister at a Salvation Army that is midway between our houses, so she could steal my kid for the weekend.  It started to rain, so we went in to browse.  Randy got a TV for the garage and I found a few neat things.

because he's cute!

 This is for a tealight candle. 
I love the skeleton peeking thru the roof!

Another doll to zombie-fy.
She doesn't need much done. 
 I'm thinking blue like she's frozen.
I love the hairstyle.
Lots of potential here.
The brown paw-print thing across his lap is a bunting.
I couldn't find baby clothes small enough!

I'm thinking I won't get much done by way of projects until after school gets out / the dance recital.  Thankfully, it's all over on June 15.  Then I get a couple days' reprieve before she starts summer school on the 26th.  Does anyone know how to get a kid to turn assignments in?  I've been hearing since she was in 3rd grade that she could easily be an A/B student if she'd turn stuff in.  {grumble grumble grumble} 

So anyway, I've been playing with my new camera - very cool!  I didn't get to download the most recent bunch - I could zoom in on the moon so close I could see craters - AWESOME!!

Jack happily destroyed his ball.

Randy found this in a box of stuff from his desk
from when we moved in together.
Yes, it's actually Country Crock butter-type spread.
Expired September 2002.

I have many questions and concerns!
And we had a good laugh, too!

We get grackles in the yard a lot. 
 I like them because they eat the corn from the feeder that all the other birds drop.

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