August 27, 2011

A successful shopping trip!

I hadn't really planned to do any shopping today, but my niece called to ask Miss Angel if she wanted to go roller skating.  That left me 3 hours to hang out with Mom.  I could have ditched her and came back home, but I really haven't spent much time with Mom at all this summer.  So, I was a good daughter.  Plus I got to drive her brand spanking new 2012 Dodge Avenger Sport (squeee!)

But I digress.

We went thru the first 2 stores pretty quickly.  We happened to be near HomeGoods, so we went in & hit the mother-lode with Halloween stuff!   They had like 4+ aisles and several tables of goodies!   I couldn't resist the glitter skulls.


And of course the gargoyle.   The cashier was such a flake.  They have to wrap up all the items in sheets of paper before bagging them. She was all freaked out with it.  She showed the other cashier & the second lady shrugged & kind of said under her breath that she liked it.   LOL!   I went to the wrong cashier! 

Then Mom needed to go to Target & Michaels happened to be in the same strip mall, so we went there, too.  I found the correct size pumpkins for Chris & Jimmy!

I'm thinking I'm going to paint the pumpkins instead of carving them, since I don't plan on having them lit from the inside.  I can get more detail, too. 

This evening, Miss Angel was with my sister and Randy was still out doing radio stuff with "the guys" so I stopped at Ace Hardware & got some gloves for C&J.  Then walked thru St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  Saw nothing.  Made out better at the Salvation Army.  I got a long white skirt for Marilyn to cover her legs and a few other things for the witches kitchen.

I love the bottle on the left.  It's probably quart sized & the coolest blue green color. 

As if I really needed more bottles!


  1. HA! you and I were on the same page this weekend. My daughter and I went shoping this weekend to Michaels, had to pick up a few odds and ends for myself and my husband. PS: Bottles/Jars are great for all kinds of things.

    Happy to see you started your halloween blog! :) Cheers!!!

  2. Thanks, Jen! Your question about this is what got me started!


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