January 05, 2022

299 Days!


We're below 300 days!  

How were your holidaze?  Our's were nice.  We all made it thru healthy & sane(ish).  

Now what has Chuck been up to? 

It's been a minute since I've posted - have to check the calendar....

December 2/3, we went to Frankenmuth with Mom and the sisters. 
Road Trip!
I didn't take Chuck into Bronner's with me, but I found something there for him!
This is actually for a small dog, but look how perfect this is???
I like that they're attached to each other so you can't lose them. 
Playing random musical instruments in Frankenmuth
The room behind the car was their little Halloween section.  
That's why there are bones on the curtain. 
Which I really like, btw. 
The lady who owned this store was so entertained by Chuck that she asked me to send her the pics I took of him in her front garden!
Mid-December we went for a horse drawn wagon ride thru a park with lots of Christmas lights.  
I shared my apple schnapps with him!
The Spouse and I
Buddy the Elf totally needs a skeleton under his arm!
We sat by the fire. 
And drank hot chocolate
and played with the grandson!

On Christmas Eve, we went to my sister's house and played a game with dice and this huge ball of plastic wrap.  You had to wear a oven mitt on your dominant hand and try to unwrap as much as you could until the person next to you rolled doubles.   There were scratch off tickets, small bottle of booze, small toys, candy, all sort of fun stuff in there. 
On Christmas Day afternoon, we went back to Frankenmuth, but this time to have dinner at Zehnders.  It's kind of a tradition ever since Dad passed away 12 years ago.  
We went out to play in the barn.  My sister wanted a pic of her and her critters so she can use them for Christmas cards next year. 
We had some good laughs in the process!
Ghost is a former racehorse that Sis got last December.  
He's such a handsome boy!
This pretty girl is Kisses, she's "my" horse for events with the search & rescue team that Sis and I both belong to.  
Ranger was not amused.  
He's blind so he couldn't figure out what we were putting on his head!
I took this pic the next day and sent it to Sis, telling her *my* horses stood still for me!

And we finally got the skeletons put back into the garage before it got really cold. 
They're not back hanging in their corner, but at least they're inside. 
So this is the extent of the decorating I do for Christmas.  
But since the skeletons hadn't gotten put away yet....
Why not?
I highly doubt any of my neighbors were surprised.  
Once Christmas is over,  the Santas & crew get put away.
But the snowmen will stay out for a few more weeks. 

On New Year's Eve, we went to a place called Canterbury Village for the kids' NYE "mitten drop".  It's kinda awesome because they do the countdown at 6:30 pm, so I was home & in my pjs by 8!
Yay! It's Jack!
OMG!  I couldn't believe they had these guys there!
They had 4 of them all dressed festively!

Another pic of Mr. Ghost. 
He wasn't quite sure what to think of the beard!
This pic popped up in my FB memories from 10 years ago!
Love it.
We went to go see the lights in Rochester - all of the stores and restaurants along main street are covered in lights.  The Spawn peeked into the window of a chiropractor's office and this skeleton was looking back at her!
One last thing.... I saw someone post of a FB H'ween page that he'd gotten a bunch of skeletons on clearance from the Walmart website.  I searched but couldn't find them until he posted the link.  I saw it really early in the morning, so I managed to order 3 (at $14 each!!!)  nd apparently they were sold out not long after!  So 3 new friends!

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