June 20, 2019

Ford Cemetery

I was out exploring in downtown-ish Detroit again.  This time I thought I'd look for the resting place of Henry Ford.  Since you know, Detroit = Big 3 = Ford
I made a mistake by not looking it up ahead of time and just clicking the location link on the FindAGrave app and following where Siri told me to go.   
And then drove past it because it was in the front yard of a church.
So that technically makes this a graveyard.  Anyhoo.  FindAGrave says this is also known as Saint Martha's Episcopal Church Cemetery.   But it's Triumph Church now. 
It was only a short walk from where I finally parked to the gate. It was very pretty. 
 The landscaping in and around the cemetery was much better maintained than around the church itself.
Looking at this pic, you'd think the off center obelisk is for Henry & Clara, but it's not.  It belongs to someone else.
Their plots are beautifully landscaped, with a small neat shrubbery border and flowers.
The metal grating is interesting.

So FindAGrave says there are less than 100 graves here.  Of course, most of them are from the Ford family.  I added about 20 memorials to FindAGrave. 
 Infant son of George & Alice Kennedy May 28, 1892
 In memory of
wife of
William Bonathan
Born Sept 10, 1853
Died July 9, 1895
Raymond was Henry's 2nd cousin, once removed.
Someone did a lot of genealogy for this family and graciously shared their findings on FindAGrave.
Raymond's brother.
 Emma Ford Laird & Raymond Laird.

Emma & Raymond's son.
 Husband / Harley B 1912-2004 & Wife / Hattie F. 1904-1969


Henry's brother.

Henry's sister-in-law.

Ralph is Henry's second cousin, once removed.

William Samuel 1819-1898 & Anne Ketchum 1820-1893
  Henry's first cousin, once removed.

John Newton Ford, 2nd cousin of Henry.
one of 11 children of William & Anne (above)
Mary Frances Ford, John's wife.

 I never saw a last name on Josie's stone, but I do believe this is Josephine Rosetta Ford Newsome
Also a child of William & Anne's.
I'm wondering about the inscription...
"A perfect woman, nobly planned
to cheer, to comfort & command".
Earl William McKinley Ford, son of John Newton & Mary Francis above.

Earl's wife.

Earl & Ruby's daughter (one of four children).

Earl & Ruby's son.

In memory of
Samuel Ford
who died
June 22, 1884
Aged 46 years
In memory of 
Howard Ford
Born July 23, 1876
Died May 23, 1890
"slumbering ease God's
wishes to please
until thine body for
judgement shall arise"

In memory of
wife of
William Flaherty
Born Mar 26, 1824
Died Aug 28, 1895

John Brown
died Aug 25, 1860?
aged 84? years
wife of John Brown
died Mar 28, 1879
69 years

Eliza, daughter of John & Eliza Brown
born Apr 6, 1849
died Apr 29, 1849
so sad because she was born so late in mom Eliza's life.

Henry's Grandmother.
wife of
Patrick O'Hern
Died Jan'y 15, 1870 (I've never noticed that abbreviation of January before!)
Aged 84 years
May your soul rest
in peace.
Henry's mother & daughter of Margaret above.
In memory
of Mary
wife of William Ford
Died March 29, 1876
Aged 37 years
Henry's father.
William Ford
Henry's sister.
Jane Ford
In memory of Robert
Beloved son of
Wm & Mary Ford
Died Oct 19, 1877
Aged 4 years, 4 Ms & 24 Ds
Another Henry 1841-1892
Alice 1885 - 4 months old
I wish I could read this better.
I can make out....
son of
Henry & ??
died Sep 2, 1868?
6? Yrs 8 Ms
15 Days
Dorah Teagan 1825-1959
Henry's aunt.
Love the attempt to keep it upright.

Dorah 1854-1863
Daughter of uncle Henry & Dorah.

Mary Ann 1852-1854
Another daughter of uncle Henry & Dorah.
I kind of want to go back and see if I can get more info off Miss Eliza Jane's stone.

Infant son of
S & N (Samuel & Nancy?) Ford
died Sept 16, 1856
aged 2 days
wife of Henry Ford (one of many Henry's)
Feb 4? 1882
45 years
I couldn't make out any info on this one.
I love that an attempt to fix it has been made.
yet another...
Samuel Ford (Henry's great-uncle)
died November 12, 1842
aged 51 years
husband of
Nancy (Ann)
died April 30, 1873
aged 78 yrs 3 mos
son of Samuel & Nancy
John Ford
died July 14, 1843
aged 5 years
 Laura has no last name on her stone, but it is close beside Edward (below).
 Apparently not related.

Catherine 1921-1952 & Samuel 1850-1926
Henry's 2nd cousin.

Samuel & Catherine's son.

Lawrence's wife
Gerald is Henry's 1st cousin, twice removed.

Gerald's baby brother.

Orla is also Gerald's brother.
1st cousin of Henry.
James' (above) child.  making them a 1st cousin once removed.
Oliver is Henry's 1st cousin.

There were no names on or near this Maxwell stone.
FindAGrave lists Stewart P Maxwell, married to a Betty Ford.
Feb 18, 1926 - Sep 15, 2006
Elmer Ford
I had to hold my camera upside down to get this, since it was under a bush.
Henry's sister.
Henry's niece.
Henry's brother-in-law.
James & Margaret & Catherine's plot.
Looking over Henry & Clara.
All I can make out is a lamb at the top, which usually means a child, and the name James.
Burnham Ford, husband of Lolita.
According to Lolita's obituary, Burnham is son of William & Frances (earlier in the post) and brother to Henry.
One of the more recent stones in the cemetery.

There was a lot of looking back & forth between my photos & FindAGrave to get the info for this post, but I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together.

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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