December 08, 2017

Creepmas Day 8

This is pretty much summing up how I feel about the holidays this year!!
Rusty is appreciating the tree box!
So some Grinch swiped the tree lights sometime in the last 11 months!
The garland we used last year was in a tote and the lights ~should~ have been in there, too. 
Nope.  Not in with the outdoor lights, either.
I was ready to use the purple/green/orange LEDs from the cemetery, but even 2 of 3 strands were half burned out!!  WTF, man!
So I had to go buy new lights.  That's the surest way to get the old ones to show back up!
 Speaking of outdoor lights - I was told the windows look like eyeballs & the trees look like fangs.
Oh well!  Maybe I should hang a wreath in the door so there's a nose, too!

Can you pick out who Asshole Santa is this year?  
The bulb is perfectly fine, but it keeps loosening somehow.  
Its a mystery!

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  1. hahahahaha. love this post. Merry 16th day before Christmas.


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