November 02, 2016

Post- Halloween Round Up

So another Countdown to Halloween is in the rear-view mirror.  I managed to post most of the days, but I didn't get to visit other blogs as much as I'd like to. But once things start to slow down, I'll be checking them out!

I'm kind of sad that I'm leaving the cemetery up until Sunday - normally I would have been out at the crack of dawn (after a trip to Tim Horton's, of course) on November 1 and had the whole thing gone by late afternoon.  Tuesday was a fantastic day here, too.  Sunny & mid 70s!  Crazy!  Last year it took the hubby & I a total of about 6 1/2 hours to get it taken down and put away.  But we're leaving it up for the next door neighbor's party this Saturday.  Since she asked nicely and invited us to the party, I couldn't really say no. 
I may put some caution tape up along the driveway to discourage explorers.  Like I've seen a couple other people post...the display is meant to be seen from the road.  Even the driveway is less than ideal.  Once you get up in there, it loses its magic.  You're blinded from the spotlights - there's extension cards & rebar & wood dowels & zipties everywhere.  It's ugly and really not safe.  

Soo - Halloween!  It was a great night!  It was cool but we had NO wind or rain this year!  I think we had around 60 kids this year - a decent amount more than the last couple years!  Tons of adorable little ones.  But my favorite costume has to be one a teenage girl had on - full cosplay unicorn!  It was beautiful!  And an older boy came up with a zipper-face.  I've watched tutorials and I know he put some effort into that!  It's where you have a zipper down the middle of your face and it's partially unzipped to show "raw" meat inside it.  Gross but still very cool!

I saw lots of people taking pictures, which makes me happy.  I didn't think to tell them to put them on Facebook and tag me in them!  Actually advertising my social media is still new this year and I forgot. Maybe next year I'll make some sort of photo op, maybe with the coffin?  That could be fun!   Duly noted in my trusty notebook. 

Since I had to work on the 1st, the only clearance sales I hit were on my way home from work.  There's a Spirit around the corner from work, so I stopped in there, hoping to score another flame light.  Nope.  I was surprised at how much stuff was still there!  
But this is all I got. 
A couple jars for candles to put in the cemetery next year.  
A cauldron coffee mug & a snazzy apron. 
I also got this cool charm bracelet. 

I stopped in Lowe's, hoping they still had some of those ceramic trees with the 'flames' inside like my JOL by the sign.  They didn't have much of anything.  

Target was a wee bit better.  Their H'ween section was insane.  Most of the stuff was already piled in shopping carts, except the candy & costumes still on the shelves.  I had seen these metal claw serving forks before and liked them, but couldn't justify full price for them (I think they were $12).  I saw one by itself on a table and the other a couple rows over.  So I grabbed them, even tho they clearly didn't have a price on them.  The lovely girl at the register didn't even bat an eye - she said I'll let you have them for whatever the socks ring up for.  So I got them for $1.50!  Woohoo!
I also got another box of pumpkin spice Life cereal.  That stuff is SO GOOD!  

So I'm going to be getting the inside stuff put away.  I'll take pictures before I do, since I didn't do many indoor decor posts.  And I'm going to work on a video, but I don't know how well that will turn out since my camera is an asshole and doesn't always like to focus.  And my phone doesn't like the dark.  Sheesh.  



  1. I hear yeah I need to go back and read everyone's post's I was so busy this season!! Your yard looked great again this year I can not wait to go back and read your post's I know Im late but Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks! Happy even later Halloween to you, too!

  2. Happy Post Halloween!!! You must have a huge storage closet to save all your decorations.

    1. We get creative with the storage! Thankfully we have a 6 foot deep shed built across the back of our garage, so the blowmolds (that don't store easily) and the coffin (also packed full)are in there. The headstones & animal skeletons are in the shed with the lawnmower. And a corner of the garage is stacked with totes and the skeletons are all hanging from the rafters. It's a production putting stuff away!


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