Monday, August 8, 2016

JoAnn Fabrics & headstone update

I did some browsing last weekend.  I wasn't really impressed with the Big Lots skeletons.  I don't like them with light-up eyes and noise.  I was kind of entertained with this howling wolf that had collapsed - my dog lays like this!
KMart had nothing yet.  However, Michigan doesn't start school until after Labor Day, so of course they still had summer and back-to-school stuff all over. 

I went to 2 Salvation Armies and picked up a couple scarves for the masquerade ball and a small lantern for the cemetery.   I also found this thing.   It's a little cone basket with suede straps and a little bunch of fake flowers.  But the aluminum things hanging make a really eerie sound that I think will be perfect in the cemetery.  I will replace the flowers with something and hang it from a skeleton's wrist.  

I was pleasantly surprised with JoAnn Fabrics.  But I feel a lot of their stuff is way overpriced, which is probably why they almost immediately have it on sale.  It was already 40% off. 
I may go back and get one of these candelabra.  At 40%, it was $17.99.  
Squee!  Towels!!
These were in the craft section and not included in the sale.  
But that's what coupons are for!
I like those wood skulls on the bottom shelf!
Lots of styrofoam heads & body forms. 
I like their tutus, but they're also upwards of $80.
This was $80 before the sale!
Their 5' pose & stays were $100 and the 3' ones were $40.  So unless you have a coupon or hit the sales, they're not worth the $$$.
These were decently solid headstones and of a good size. 
Wish I could remember the prices!
The big dogs are also $100.
These are pretty cool, too. 
Ooo, and in the fairy garden section!
I had to control myself and I only got one. 
This is what I came home with.  The hearse says paint me but if I do, it'll just be the tires and maybe the lantern.  Very minimal. 
And the skeleton with the JOL is from the fairy garden stuff.  He'll look good in my ceme-terrarium. 

So I finally got 13 out of 15 headstones finished!  These are the ones I had all painted and then had to DryLok them and repaint.  We can finally get in the side door of the garage!  That's where I had the drying rack setup. Now there are only these 2 stones that I need to finish and the rest are back in the shed. 

NOW I'm happy with them! 

I also got out the groundbreaker that I forgot to put out last year and stained it with red wine vinegar (I didn't have any apple cider vinegar).  It had actually started to age naturally somewhat, but the steel wool + vinegar solution really looks good.   So apparently whatever you have on hand works! 



  1. The fairy garden stuff hooked me too. I had to nab the tiny mummy. No headstones at my JoAnn.

    1. They had so many neat H'ween pieces in that section! I just kept looking and had the hardest time deciding.

  2. Joanne's are always overpriced, coupons just make the price what it should have been for sure. Tombstones looking good!

  3. Wow - great job painting your tombstones:)


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