May 09, 2016

Skeleton Horse

 This was a pretty self-explanatory project. 
 I found this creepy-ass Bratz horse at the Salvation Army.
OMG - those EYES!!
 I found some inspiration photos online & printed them out. 
I used the one of the real horse painted up the most. 
 I got a lot of the paint off with nail polish remover.  
 Then just used a squishy 120 grit sanding block to rough up the plastic.  

This is the paint I used. 
This & Ivory. 
I like it! 
I'm particularly proud of the skull.  
I used a fine point Sharpie on the teeth and jawline.
Then I used this crap for the protective finish.  
It dried milky.  
Meh.  I posted this on a Halloween DIY page and a lot of people said it looked great & ghostly, but I'm still not loving it. maybe if there weren't so many brush-strokes.  It doesn't look too bad here....
But then I untaped the mane & tail and they're the intense black like the horse itself was before the so-called "clear coat". 
Ew. No. 
OK, that's better!  
Please excuse the bathroom wall, but it was the best light in the house.
 I have a few touch-ups that I want to do but from a distance it's good. I really prefer the intense black and ivory over the "ghostly" finish. 
The mane looks better on this side, too. 

The plan for this is to be displayed with the hearse that I got from Home goods last year. 
If I really wanted to be anal, I could get some black leather lacing and make a harness for the horse and rig up some black plumes to put in the bridle.  We'll see!



  1. Wow great job that looks great.

  2. Wow, a definitely improvement on the original! You did an amazing job on it. :)

  3. Sp wanted to get my hands on one of those Home Goods hearses. never sa them at our store though. Love the skeleton horse!


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