February 10, 2016


Hey look! I'm still around! Not doing a whole lot of exciting things, H'ween related anyway. 
But the ideas are always in the back of my mind! 

Here's a pretty obvious hint...

Question...I posted this on a couple FB pages and got a zillion different answers so I'm still just as lost as before.   This is the question I posted....
Could I use regular nail polish remover to take the white markings off this plastic? And also, would acrylic paint stick to it? I want to paint a skeleton on it.

Here are some of the comments / suggestions I got....

*Nail polish might make the base gummy, i would just repaint it all black then add the white

*Definitely not if it has acetone

*You could try some 99% alcohol.

*Acrylic should do fine, and I agree with the suggestion to just paint base black before adding the skeleton.

*I like the idea

*If the base plastic is black, then acetone should take off all the paint work if you want a blank canvas. It's probably easier to just paint over if you still want the facial paint though.

*Use lemon oil

*My suspicion is that the base is probably a light shade. It might actually be the white of the appaloosa markings with the rest machine airbrushed on. As I remember, toys left out in the weather lose their paint and you see the grey/white plastic color they really are, so I'd paint over it all.

*My husband works with plastic and he says that yes, acetone could melt or damage the plastic, test it in an easy to hide spot - like the inside of one of the legs. Though he also says that if long exposure is avoided you may do no damage at all. 

*To get acrylic paint to stay on plastic paint over it with a paint sealer. I've painted plastic many times and the paint will come off far too easy with moisture if not sealed.

*Rub it with some steel wool / sandpaper to rough it up to have the paint stick to the horse

*I would recommend you pull the hair up and cover it with tin foil and spray paint the horse black. Finger nail polish remover may just discolor the entire thing.

*Use a base coat of water based varnish first for the acrylic paint to adhere than top coat with the same to protect, The varnish can be added to the paint as well . I like the FolkArt brand

*I also recomend the base coat if flat black, and acrylics will stick just fine.

*You can just scuff it lightly with sandpaper so the paint will stick

*Spray paint a base coat, or add glue to your first acrylic layer to help any further paint stick, and not crack or peel up.

So here's my tentative plan of attack.  I have non-acetone nail polish remover I'm going to try first. I did a test area on its leg and it took some rubbing, but the white paint did come off and the plastic didn't feel gummy afterward.  Then I'm going to sand it lightly to scuff it up.  

Next will require some thought & research.  I'm 99.9998% positive it'll need a base coat.  I don't know whether to use black matte spray paint, or basic black acrylics?  The spray would give it a smoother layer.   Then once I get the bones painted on, I'll seal it with some varnish in a satin finish like someone mentioned above.  

I have a gift card from Michael's so I'll have to take my horse and go do some browsing.  Maybe someone there could offer some suggestions.  What about any of my readers?  I value your opinion & expertise more than I would Gramma's from Michael's!


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