December 14, 2015

Wow, that sucked!

I don't think I have ever so epically failed a countdown linkup before!  I apologize to anyone who stopped by and saw NOTHING!  But ya know - life happens.  I will go visiting the other blogs, too.

I finally unpacked the nutcracker troops - Rudy hung out with the girls.....
 And the rest of the squad.
 We played with the Rudolph toys

 Found some neat stuff at the Salvation Army - I think he'd fit right in with my snowmen & Santas out in the yard right now.  Put a Santa hat on him and call it good!
This witchy nutcracker came from a Detroit store that was bought out in 1999, so she's a nice old hag!  Love her skull!
But the main thing we did this weekend was attend the Spawn's first dance competition of the season!  It was their first time competing as an "All Star" team, against some really good, established teams of high school cheerleaders.  But they pulled in 4th place, so they held their own! 

So I again apologize for missing the last couple days of Creepmas - but Rudy's still not going back into the garage!   We're having a family gathering on Christmas Eve at my sister's house and then on Christmas afternoon we're all meeting about an hour or so north of us at Frankenmuth.  The hotel has a water park and we'll go to Bronner's and all that touristy stuff.  However, I will probably take Chuck from the Ohio trip, since Rudy likes to pop his legs off when I pose him.  Chuck can handle the family playing with him better.  Rudy can stay home and hopefully keep the kitten from messing with the tree!


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