November 09, 2015

It's almost gone.....

I spent off and on all weekend packing up (and not getting rid of as much as I'd hoped) all the indoor decor.  I pulled all the totes out of the garage and shuffled a few things around, so all the candleholders are in one tote, candy dishes in another, etc.  Then I took the totes into the house one at a time and filled them all up - then labelled each tote with the contents. I even had to go buy 2 more!  I sure didn't think I bought that much new this year and it sure didn't seem like that much was actually IN the house, especially since I didn't bring out the apothecary!
But I can honestly say that not all of them are 100% full.  But close.
Looks like 10 - 18 gallon totes
2 - 35ish gal totes and
3 - 9 gal totes.

I forgot about my little ghostie blowmold!
I have the cloth items in this tote.  Should protect them from mice better than the coffin did.
 Lights & extension cords.
 Another angle of the skeleton corner.  Looks like a really crowded elevator!
It sucks that I have unique stuff that I like, but haven't set out for the last couple years.  It makes it tough to get rid of it!  And as much as I do like it - the family doesn't want H'ween stuff out all year.  I can barely get away with the gargoyle on top of the grandfather clock and 1 random skeleton (see Rudy below).

It's a good thing the weather was decent, if chilly, since they sat on the patio all weekend. I shifted the Christmas totes out when I got home from work tonight and put the H'ween ones in so the others are handy when I need them.  It'll be a lot colder Thanksgiving weekend and I sure don't want to be out in the garage moving stuff around with frozen hands!!  

Random photos off my phone. 
Because why not?
 Saw this at Target.  At least it's not the pumpkin spice scented kind!
Chester, Daisy, Maddie.
Maddie wasn't thrilled when she found out it was Daisy up against her butt.  She still hasn't warmed up to the newcomer much yet.   
 At CVS - what doesn't belong?  
If this pirate guy went with my display at all, I would have gotten him.  I really liked all CVS's full sized props this year.  But as of Saturday, they were still only 50% off.   I scored another Beagle Bonez, I just couldn't pass him up!
This is Rudy.  He's crossed to the Jolly Side (they have Christmas cookies!) but I think it was to avoid being tossed in a tote and put in the garage. 
 Chester likes to lounge on pillows.  He was stupervising me packing up the village in the living room. 

I scheduled a donation pick up for Thursday, so hopefully once I get rid of some more stuff, I can get this place cleaned up and feel a whole lot less stress!  That couch full of laundry to fold is the bane of my existence.  Ugh.  



  1. It is so much fun taking it all out but boy it stinks putting it away. I will finish up today and I get what you are saying about somethings not on display for a few years, but its hard to get rid of I'm in the same boat!

  2. That's a whole lotta skeletons! I also feel the pain of packing it all away and deciding what should be kept and those things that are taking up valuable haunter storage space.


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