Monday, April 20, 2015

Kingsbury Cemetery

Kingsbury Cemetery has to be one of the prettiest, best maintained older cemeteries I've seen in a long time! 

It's located in Oxford, Oakland County.  Find-A-Grave says there are 114 interments.  It is actually in the school yard of of the original schoolhouse of Kingsbury Country Day School, a K-8 charter school on 125 acres of rolling countryside.  Most of the stones seemed to be from the late 1800s thru the early 1900s, with the odd exception of ones from 2003 & 2008.  

There as a sharp drop off to the road on the other side of this fence, so I parked near the school buses and crossed the schoolyard to get to the cemetery. 
 I couldn't resist!  I had to go play on the merry-go-round first! 

 The founders, Carlton & Annette Higbie
They were sort of in the front corner by themselves. 

After the Higbie's - this stone caught my eye.  

Until I did some research, I assumed this is who founded the school but I was wrong!  Alonzo deeded the land to the township where the school was built.


I wish I could have read these stones.  Judging by the size and spacing, they were babies.  

This was a very pleasant place to explore.  I made a valiant effort to find the one Find-A-Grave photo request, but I wasn't able to find it.  She may be one whose inscription was been worn away, since there were several.

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  1. Like the las t photos of the monuments. Don't see those too often where I am for some reason.

    ... Of course, how can you pass up the merry go round without a spin or two???


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