Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Friendship Cemetery, Hot Springs AR

I have to confess, this is one of the oddest little cemeteries I have explored.  As you can see by the sign, it was established in 1924 for the local Black community in the Hot Springs area.  The cemetery is located on a corner lot and rises up a fairly steep hill.  The lower section is somewhat well kept, as in the grass is cut.  But as you go up the hill and along the one side, graves have been taken over with brush & vines - a definite contrast to the nicely well-kept Hollywood Cemetery located directly across the street (that I'll post about soon). There is one rather nice mausoleum and some beautifully carved stones.  Then there are plain white wooden crosses on others or stones made of stamped concrete.

 I started at the top of the hill and worked my way down.  
 I think this lady should be offended!  They added 5 years to her age!

 I wonder why this man got 2 stones?

 Simple, small & beautiful.

People are assholes.  I hope they get haunted for dumping trash here.  
 Another very pretty small stone. 

 Surprisingly, the upper left stone in this vinyl-covered plot is from 2/2014

The lichen spot is interesting.  

 In addition to the small wooden crosses, there were these 2 large crosses made out of sheet metal as thick as my pinky finger!

 An interesting choice of brick. 

 This area down here is "Babyland"

 Some funky things hanging on a tree. 

I added good 20 or so of these photos to Find A Grave.  

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