November 06, 2014

So what's next?

So, it's to be expected that posting here is going to slow down a bit now that Halloween has come & gone.  I'll still be doing the 13 Days of Creepmas  next month and I have a bucket list of cemeteries I want to visit and will post about - there's a tab on the left side of the screen with them listed. 

I'm already starting to think about 2015.  First & foremost - mini spot lights!  

Second - I may want to try my hand at monster mudding my 3 new foam stones.  They look just fine, but they're pretty fragile, just paint & foam.  

 Third, there is also one more blowmold that I want to acquire. 
I know of 2 houses in the area who only have 1 blowmold and this is it. 
Hmm, I just had a thought!  I posted a long time ago about an antique store that is about an hour south of here who has a vendor of blowmolds.....I have a much larger car than my old Escort now!  

Fourthly, I need a non-bulldog skeleton.  Grandin Road has one but they're crazy expensive, and out of stock.  So I'll keep on the lookout.

Fifthly - I always thought these were cheesy, until I saw some hanging on someone's porch.  I'd like to have a skeleton holding it, so a battery op version would be ideal. 

So there's really not much I want to do to add to the cemetery for next year.  Just the usual little tweaks & adjustments, but nothing really major.  

What plans do you have in the works already?

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