The Story....

The Maple Grove Cemetery was established in 2008, because I was slow in recognizing the enormous potential of my double lot yard.  I've lived in this little place since December 2002 with my husband (aka the Spouse). our 23 yo daughter (aka the Spawn) and the GrandSpawn, (aka BabyBoy born 1/2/20 and BabyGirl due mid October 2021).   Oh, can't forget the 3 cats, too. 
Hi, I'm Chuck!

I really enjoy Halloween & ours is currently the only house on our street to go through any great lengths to decorate at this esteemed time.  The only issue I have is we don't have sidewalks or streetlights (I guess that's not really a bad thing, tho!)

I am not fond of excessive gore and horror.  My Halloween display is somewhat goofy!  But ya know what?  It makes me happy.  And because it is on the elementary school bus route, I know it catches kids' attention!
In the off-season.....a quiet unassuming abode.....
aka "the Love Shaque"
Halloween 2020

How I came up with "Maple Grove"... besides the obvious - the huge maple trees can be seen in each of the above pics.  When I was a kid we spent most summers & weekends up north (anyone from Michigan understands what that is)!  Or in our case, at "The Farm" which is what we call the 120 acres my parents own in the center of the state.  Anyway, it's about 8 miles from the nearest town, on a dirt road, in the middle of farmland & on the edge of the Isabella Indian Reservation.  Anyway, as long as I can remember, there was a one-room schoolhouse on the corner of our dirt road.  It was called Maple Grove.  And all the old timers then proceeded to call our place that, too.

So it just seems an appropriate name.

In the non-Halloween season (is there such a thing??)  I enjoy exploring cemeteries and documenting some of what I find here.  I occasionally do some research into the cemeteries I visit before I go, but I prefer to just see what I see!  I'm a member of Find A Grave and my goal is to visit all of the 33 real Maple Grove Cemeteries in Michigan. 

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