2010 / 2011

Aaah, 2010.  The year I discovered the HalloweenForum!  The talent & imagination on that site are phenomenal!   I got so many ideas!! 
 The toe pincher got painted!  
Miss Angela even had a supervisor.
 Meet Peeping Tom.  
He stood there looking in the back kitchen window for a good week.
It's funny that he freaked everyone else out, but he got me when I took the dog outside & I'd see him on the patio!
 This is Art. 
The only issue I had with her (besides square boobs)
was that in the slightest wind, 
she'd turn toward the living room window.
 This is Matt.
 The ghost of Dustin D. Durt
 I also scavenged some old pallets & made a fence. 
 And made some basic crosses. 
This skelly is a fun guy!  
This groundbreaker looks better after the leaves have dropped.
Ded Fred chose a different headstone this year.  
Jack approved.

I did a few new things for inside, too. 
 Randy & Angel got me this for my birthday!
 The same vases - after!
 Mr. Clean's little friend. 
I love this skeleton!
 Some family members got make-overs.
 Skeleton Mariachi!
 Isn't the green glitter skelly FABULOUS?!?!?!
And wonder of all wonders!!  I discovered lights. 
Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Believe it or not....this was the first year I'd actually been at home for Trick-or-Treating!  Every other year, I'd taken Miss Angela over to my parent's house to walk with Dad while Angel & my niece ToT'd.  But this year she was 13 and wanted to go out with her friends in our neighborhood.   It's a bummer that it was so cold!  Everyone had coats on & it really took away from the costumes.
Pirate Angela, rockstar Rachel & Guitar Amanda.
I can't wait to use this guy in 2011 !!  
I got him at serious discount when Spirit was going their clearances.
I call him Big Mike.

 It's official!
My cemetery never had a name til this year.
This year also sees a few tweaks and new additions, namely blowmolds!

Terrance & Phillip

Harry in the back window of my car.

A handful of roses & eye flowers

Little Red "Awesome" Hood

Jack the Candy Inspector.

PVC candles for the coffin

I grew my own Zombie

 Part of the apothecary.
I was so tweaked to find this blowmold on ebay!  
We had one just like it when I was a kid.

The huge freakin' Pumpkin Orb Weaver that was hiding
in between layers of tulle on Jayne's skirt.
That board is 1.5 inches tall that its on.

Daryl and his other brother Darryl

Looking out the rain-spattered window one night at the floodlights - 
there is a face in the window right next to the skull!