2008 / 2009

The early years...

The first year I'd created real props.  I made a cemetery, of course!  Looking back now - its rather quaint!  But I was so proud of myself for acquiring all the plywood from Home Depot, lugging it home & then using the jigsaw to cut them all out, by myself!  And of course, painting them. 
Jack has to explore and approve my efforts.
 Miss Angela & Ded Fred
The one big item I created this year was my toe pincher.  Sadly it was not finished before Halloween this year, due to my Dad spending a lot of time in the hospital and then passing away on October 27.

However, you can get the gist of the size by Miss Angela trying it out for size.  It's easily 5 feet tall.
I was honored when Miss Angela told me she wanted to delay having her birthday party until a couple weeks after her actual birthday, so I'd already have my Halloween decorations up. So I went overboard inside.
Man-eating plant
Man-eating plant buds
None of the critters would walk on this decal. 
Nobody would eat the kitty-litter cake! 
It was actually really good. 
But they all had a lot of fun!