Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Ridge is stocking H'ween!

Oh excuse me - they're changing their name to "At Home" but whatever.  I knew they would have goodies out since I bought a skeleton from them in June last year or the year before.  And since Miss Angela and a friend wanted to go to the mall yesterday, I dropped them off and went to get my fix. 

I can't believe I didn't look closer at the skeletons to see if they were the same ones as last year, but I did notice they were still $50.  This place hardly ever does sales, so that's the best they'll be.  There are half-off after-holiday sales, but good luck finding anything good! 
These guys were pretty neat with their saws. 
These are neat, too.  But most of the items are head & arms and the rest is just hanging material.  The eyes light up on a lot of them and they make the requisite screaming. 
I like the green-caped guy.  He's nothing I'd use in my display, but I can still admire!
They had a bunch of lanterns.  
You can get ones like this or non-Halloweenified ones. 
$20 for the haunted phone.  I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of this.  
Nice and solid. 
The skull candles have bases that fit in where you'd put a tealight, which I thought was clever.
For some reason, when I looked at this picture when I got it off my phone, it reminded me of some coworkers. 
A bunch of yard stakes.  This is only about half of this wall. 
This is a box that looks like a book.  Very pretty & colorful. 
This guy is solar powered - it would look nice on a headstone. 
This angel was close to 4 feet tall for $150.  
A couple blowmolds and foam headstones and inflatables. 
Then some of the fun stuff that caught my attention. I love this lion!!
Those eyes!
A glass balloon bunny. 
And a frog bull-riding on a lizard.  WTF??
Alas, nothing came home from Garden Ridge / At Home with me.  
Next I wandered over to the Salvation Army that was nearby.  
I found a couple pieces for my village. 
The train engine from each side......
 The train caboose from each side.....
It's a happy train!
The pen is for size comparison.  
OK, and I couldn't resist.....the most confused nutcracker ever!  His vest says Police.  His badge says Security Guard and the sticker on his hat & each sleeve say National Security Agency.   
Yes.  I have well over 100 of them now.

Since I had to pick the girls up from the mall, I wandered around there, too.  In the store called Torrid (cute plus-sized clothes.  I almost can't shop there anymore- happy tangent!) I was surprised at the number of items they had with skulls!  

I stopped in Yankee Candle.  They had a big sale going on.  Their Boney Bunch Preview Party is August 2!!  I can't wait to see what they have this year! 
That candy dish is pretty awesome!
I follow a page on Facebook called Boney Bunch Love and I don't know who runs it, but they have a lot of inside info and "leaked" photos of new items.  That's where I grabbed this image. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th !!

(image lifted from the hubby's best friend's FB page - thanks, Clark!)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Royal Oak Cemetery

I've been wanting to go explore this cemetery for a while.  I always thought it was so cool when we drove by it as a kid.  This one is located about 2 1/2 miles from the house I grew up in (and Mom still lives in).

It's unique in that it is a triangle shape.....
image from FindaGrave
 The entrance gate is along 12 Mile Road (along the short side of the triangle)
These are on the wrong sides, but I was happy to get them next to each other!  
They used to be 2 cemeteries that combined.  Each has a historical marker. 
There is a huge variety of stones - going all the way back to the 1820s and some very recent.  I also found it interesting that you could go to a local hardware store and get a walking tour map of the cemetery!  Or you could just find it online.  I assume the names they point out on the map are of the notable Royal Oak pioneers. 

I had to make a second trip back to get this - I didn't see it the first visit. 
It's made out of 4x4 inch wood beams. 
 This is adorable! 
The detail on this log is amazing!  
Mary was originally at St. Mary's high school 
but was moved to the cemetery in 1992. 
She has her foot on a snake and 
someone wrapped a beautiful rosary around her hands.  
 I've seen lambs before, but never with a tree stump. 
This is not THE Henry Ford. 
 It's buried by grass, but along the bottom it says "Killed in Action on Mission"
He was 22.
 This is the one that grabbed my attention.  12 & 14 year old sisters.  I couldn't find an obit, but I did find this article talking about particularly nasty road conditions where at least 11 people died in car accidents - including these girls. 
December in Michigan isn't always the most pleasant! 
I was really surprised they weren't listed on FindaGrave.  But they are now!  I uploaded about 35 names / stones to this cemetery on the website this evening. 

This is the only mausoleum here.