Saturday, July 11, 2015

A better (for me) way to hang skeletons!

I realized back in April when I took one of my skeletons into work for my boss's birthday that it's neck was cracked.  It kind of didn't surprise me, since I had them all hanging from the garage rafters by their attached strings off their necks / heads.  
I had some inspiration from a foldable aluminum saddle rack in my sister's barn.  I toyed with the idea of building a PVC rack that they could straddle somehow.  When I mentioned it to Randy (I really need to always talk things over with him, since he usually comes up with good / easy ideas!)  He mentioned using twine and tying it in multiple places long the spine so the weight of the bones was more evenly distributed and not hanging from one point.  

So I tied a loop in the twine and looped it around the tail bone of the skeleton.  About midway up the lower back, I simply made 1 half-hitch knot around the vertebra.  Another midway thru the ribs and another at the base of the skull.  Then I tied another loop to hang it by. 

I was impressed that it was so quick and easy to do and and will be easy to remove when October comes around.  Applause to Randy! 

Party on the patio.
 Hey!  I'm tanning here! 
I guess when I'm done with my splint,this guy can use it.  
If you want to read about my stupidity, here's part 1 and part 2.
 We were at one of Miss Angela's friends grad party today and I felt slightly guilty that I've barely started planning for hers.   So I left her there and went shopping.  I loaded up on appropriately colored paper plates & napkins & plasticware (her school colors are black, white & orange) and various other items we'll probably need.  I also stopped in Michael's to get some invitations and couldn't help but notice they had fall and a tiny bit of Halloween stuff out!  

 Love the wide black ribbon with gold skulls - 3rd shelf down on the right.
 And so lonely endcap of goodies. 
 I was happy to see even this tiny little bit of stuff.  It's still really early and I'm ok with places not going crazy just yet.  

Just a little giggle. 
I personally think they are the spirits of those who fought with folding fitted sheets - 
and lost! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ideas are happening.....

I haven't been doing a whole lot of display planning yet, but ideas have been flitting around in my mind.  As of this minute, I can't think of anything new I need to buy (at least until I start browsing!) so I'm going to concentrate on bits & parts that I already have. 

Like this massager.  I've had this for a couple years after picking it up at the Salvation Army.  Guess it's time to do my first non-static prop?  Obviously it's going to be a ground-breaker.   More on that in the future once I do some research.  
 And I've also had this cool leather covered trunk (with sunglasses for scale) for a couple years, too.  But inside???

Wooden fruit.  

What the hell was I thinking when I bought wooden fruit??  
How can I incorporate this into my witches kitchen?  Maybe next to a spell book?  

Speaking of browsing, I had some time to kill before my Weight Watcher meeting (don't judge!) so I went into Hobby Lobby, since I haven't been there in quite a while.  I was not prepared to see fall stuff!  And that's all it was, autumn & harvest.   I tried not to look up in some of the aisles, since there was red & green looming up there. 

 OMG, too cute!!

 I found a few things in the jewelry section.  I could probably make these snakes into very subtle earrings, I bet only one particularly nosy-body coworker would notice what they actually were. 
 Thought this guy was pretty interesting.  I may not even repaint him!
 I really like the blingy spider,  
 So in August we're having the girl's graduation party and her school colors happen to be black, white & orange.  So for the flower pot on the back patio, I chose this selection of  black-eyed susans, those soft white fern-like pants (gardener I am NOT) and I was happy to find one lonely sweet potato vine in the "Bewitched" variety.  It's got spikier leaves than the regular ornamental sweet potato vines and is almost black.  The first greenhouse I went to was sold out for the season and the second had a lot of the deep purple ones.  
For the table centerpiece, black petunias and impatiens.  By the time her party rolls around, they should be filled in nicely.  
 In the front yard, I didn't stick with the theme.  I have purple & pink impatiens and this funky coleus that is just easier to post a pic instead of describing.  It should fill in nicely, too. 
Life has finally slowed down a bit, dance season is finally over for Miss Angela until mid July.  But since she's driving herself now, I don't have to spend all my evenings going back & forth.  And there will be vacation in there, too.  So really...I shouldn't be stressing about much Halloween-related anyways, until after the grad party.  Until then it will be all about cleaning the house & repainting the one wall in the living room & scraping / repainting the garage & powerwashing the siding / etc / etc / etc.  Halloween's gonna be the easy part!

Until later...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thornville Cemetery

Thornville Cemetery is located between Dryden & Metamora in Lapeer County, Michigan.  As you can see, there's no easy vehicle entrance to the cemetery but there is a set of stone stairs next to the mailbox.  Who gets mail there??  Odd.  Anyway, my sister had joined me for some exploring, so we parked on a dirt road about 1/4 mile away and walked back.  

I see I need to enter some of these onto Find A Grave, since I went to look up info on some of the stones I took pics of and they don't have memorials.   I'm slacking, since I usually do this right away.   Don't worry.  I shall enter them. 

Interesting to see a boy named Pearl. 
We may have giggled at this name, but it was a common sight in Thornville. 
I was being watched! 

This one intrigues me.  They're all kids, the oldest 15.  7 of the 8 have the last name Ferrier.  Most passed away in the 1920s.  This will be put in Find a Grave shortly.  

Most of the older stones had elaborate carvings that were interesting to look at. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Kingsbury Cemetery

Kingsbury Cemetery has to be one of the prettiest, best maintained older cemeteries I've seen in a long time! 

It's located in Oxford, Oakland County.  Find-A-Grave says there are 114 interments.  It is actually in the school yard of of the original schoolhouse of Kingsbury Country Day School, a K-8 charter school on 125 acres of rolling countryside.  Most of the stones seemed to be from the late 1800s thru the early 1900s, with the odd exception of ones from 2003 & 2008.  

There as a sharp drop off to the road on the other side of this fence, so I parked near the school buses and crossed the schoolyard to get to the cemetery. 
 I couldn't resist!  I had to go play on the merry-go-round first! 

 The founders, Carlton & Annette Higbie
They were sort of in the front corner by themselves. 

After the Higbie's - this stone caught my eye.  

Until I did some research, I assumed this is who founded the school but I was wrong!  Alonzo deeded the land to the township where the school was built.


I wish I could have read these stones.  Judging by the size and spacing, they were babies.  

This was a very pleasant place to explore.  I made a valiant effort to find the one Find-A-Grave photo request, but I wasn't able to find it.  She may be one whose inscription was been worn away, since there were several.