Wednesday, October 22, 2014

C2H - 9 days My Boney Bunch Collection

I confess that the Boney Bunch guys were the first items that made it into the Manor this year.  In case you didn't know, the Boney Bunch collection is by Yankee Candle and they have a big preview party the first Saturday in August each year.  There are even groups of psycho fanatics on FB devoted to these pieces!  

So here we go.  I don't have candles in them since I'd prefer battery op ones while on the bookshelf and I just didn't dig them out for the photo op.  Btw, sorry for the crappy phone pics. 
 Pet Cemetery was new this year.  Love all the detail  on it! 
 HERE is a better look at this and all I got this year. 

 The hearse has got to be one of my favorites.  I love the horse!

 So is the Headless Horseman!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

C2H - 10 days Perkins Cemetery

Last summer, Miss Angela and her dance team went to Nationals!   And it just so happened that the competition was held in Sandusky, OH at the Kalahari Resort.  However we chose to stay at a hotel about a mile down the road.  Way less crazy.  But anyway....across the street from our hotel was this little cemetery.  I spent an enjoyable hour or so exploring one morning before Angel had to go dance. 

 This is a close-up of the center of those 5 stones.....why is it upside down?  

 I did a bit of research - the parents left these 3 babies alone while they went to a New Year's dance, each believing the other was with them until the babysitter showed up.  The parents found out hours later that there was a fire in their house - the younger 2 perished immediately and Helen later at the hospital.  Tragedy. 

 I couldn't find anything about these girls.  

 This is the Veteran's Memorial.  Very Pretty!
There was a statue for 4 of the 5 branches of the military - 
guess the Coasties don't count! 

 This kind of scared me....

 I thought this one was confusing!

Monday, October 20, 2014

C2H - 11 days Quick Update #3

While I still don't have much done inside the Maple Grove Manor, the outside is coming along nicely.  I have 3 stones that still need to be put in the cemetery (somewhere!).  2 just need some detail yet, drybrushing some greens & browns & maybe some moss. I'll finish them this afternoon and get them in the yard.
 I'm very happy with the scrolls & skull from the Davis Graveyard etsy shop.  
 (they're still drying here, hence the lighter blotches)
 The third looks like a total hot mess. 
I carved out the general skeleton shape in the foam and then used Gorilla Glue to fill in the spaces.  I almost died laughing at the globs the grew everywhere!   The hubby looked at it and suggested leaving the globs on and painting them to look like moss.  Which I thought sounded good.  As I started painting, it came to me that they kind of looked like barnacles, so once I get it painted, I'm going to have the epitaph say "Lost at Sea".   I have my fingers crossed that it turns out like what I see in my head.

All of the skeletons are finally out in the cemetery.  The neighbors have got to think I'm nuts since I will talk to the skeletons and ghosts while I'm out there. 

 I thought this skeleton's pose looked familiar!

 I went out & got some night shots with my phone last night.  I'm pretty sure I need some smaller, accent spot lights to get the look I want.  The red one is too much, but makes for a lovely purple.....

I moved these guys around a bit since I put the red spot out there. 

When I was out putting the skeletons out (and may have gotten caught in conversation with them) the neighbor came over from across the street carrying a huge box.  He told me that they'd noticed I put a few decorations out (NO!!!! Really??) and since their son graduated and moved out, they don't decorate anymore.  He had this ghoul sitting in his garage and asked if I wanted it?  He wasn't even sure if it worked.  So I took it.  It's sort of hard to say no, even when it's something you know darn well you'll never use!

 Oh hey - they're next to each other!  I can never get pics to do this when I want them to! Anyway.
She doesn't rise up, but I also didn't look to see why.  She lights up & screams and a fan inflates her arms and they flop around.  Quite comical but she totally does not fit in my cemetery.  (holy crap - $179.99 at Spirit new!!)  anywhooo.  there happens to be a house on my way home from the dance studio that happens to decorate and this looks to be right along their tastes.  I may re-gift it!  
I love to go by their house, since they've added a bunch more this year.  Last year was some orange lights around their fence and a life-sized figure of the girl in a pink ball gown lit from the inside and a JOL head.  This year they have another life-size ghoul and they boarded up their windows and also have 2 skeletons trying to climb their porch rail (hilarious!!)