Friday, April 14, 2017

200 Days!!!

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I'm so freakin' excited right now!!

This arrived Tuesday not long after I got home from work....
(Jack did the customs inspection....)

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, you know already that....

Someone commented on a Halloween Forum thread that Home Depot had them back in stock.  I told my hubby last year that I WILL be getting one this year, so he should just be prepared.  So when I saw they were available (last Saturday is when I found out), I texted him to make sure all systems were go....then bought it!

So I placed the order Saturday morning and got it Tuesday afternoon.  It was really easy to put together, ~maybe~ 10 minutes.  And you can see that it's standing solid on its own without the included stand.   I will use the stand when it goes out into the display, but for now it's on its own.  It feels nice & sturdy and the pieces lock together so it's not going to fall apart, but it does come with a tool to assist with dis-assembly.  I'm going to try to bend the tail down so it looks more natural, but other than that, I'm totally thrilled with it! 
I didn't dig out any of the 5 foot skeletons to try out, 
but here's Chuck the Skele-bunny going for a ride.  

 Now I can do a scene that I have been thinking about. 
My inspiration.....
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(picture from here)

I'm sure you can figure out where I'm going with that!! 


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

St. Pat's Weekend

My family enjoys hanging out with Chuck.  When I asked my sister what I needed to bring out for our annual 3-generation St. Pat's Weekend, she said I ~had~ to bring him!   Especially once she saw I had already gotten him a special outfit for the occasion.  

FYI, a 0-3 month baby onesie fits a 3' skeleton almost perfectly!
This will open a whole new world of fashion for Chuck!
Chester is a fan. 
Who has bigger eyes?
Buckle up for safety!
Everyone else was wearing bling, so Chuck had to also!
Woot!  A stop at Tractor Supply!
We went out Saturday night & it really bugs me when random people are like "didn't you miss St. Patrick's Day?"  Back off jerkface, it was only yesterday.  We all had to work.   People did it last year when St. Pats fell on a Thursday & we went out the weekend before.  "Aren't you early?"  Grrrr.  **throat punch**

Anyhoo. Dinner at Lucky's Steakhouse!  
Green beer for all!
We had a corner table so he chilled on the back of the bench while we ate. 

Then back to Aunt Laurie's to take care of the horses!
Captain says hi!
Kisses says hi!
Checking out the cat cave. 
Watching over the barn while we took care of the horses.  
He's not much help in that department. 
Dressed up for Sunday breakfast.
Om nom nom nom!
MmMmMm bacon.

We did some more shopping Sunday before going home, but Chuck didn't go in there with me.  Past Tense in Lapeer has an upper floor that's all Halloween goodness and I didn't want him to want to stay there!  

I did find some pretty cool stuff.  The man who worked there told me that they get their new Halloween stuff in around mid-August and this year I an gonna try to make it to their special after-hours sale.  He said they're expecting a lot of galvanized steel JOLs and such.  Interesting! 
Love these steampunk-ish JOLs.  
The red is actually a reflection off my lounge pants.  
This is my prize, tho!  It's wrought iron & really pretty crystals.  
One of the arms is partially broken off, but I can work around that.  
And it was only $38!!  I'm thinking it'll look pretty sweet hanging in one of the trees over the cemetery with some battery-op candles.....


Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Stay safe out there, don't drink too much green beer!
~ Chuck 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Planning & thoughts.....

Planning for 2017 actually began during ToTing 2016!  I watched the kids' reactions and what caught their attention the most.  Then I thought about how I could change things around and make the cemetery better.  

So far, the only thing I want to ADD to the cemetery is one of the full-sized skeleton horses from ome Depot. 
So they better carry them again, dammit!  I have $$! 
 This is my planning notebook.  Yes, I know it says "romantic" and stuff on it, but pfft.   This is where I jot down what I'm thinking of so far.  Of course this is always subject to change.

Right now I mainly have 2 pages written about rearrangement, a couple ideas about lighting (which is always an issue) and behind the scenes stuff.  Pretty much the usual concerns every year. 

I don't think I'm going to try an actual theme again next year.  I did the masquerade ball, but unless I get the couples to didn't really scream "dancing".  But I'm OK with the generic cemetery.  I move things around enough to keep it from getting old.
I actually just had an idea!!!   
~scribbles wildly in notebook~
to be divulged later!

So until then, Chuck is hanging out in the house.  He took off his elf costume (because that's pretty weird!) and I found a couple shirts at the Salvation Army for him, but I learned that a boys 2T is too big for a 3 foot skeleton! 
Image may contain: one or more people
But he's OK with it.  

Have you started planning yet?


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Road Trip part 7 - the return trip

Ugh - time to head home but Chuck's still sleepy. 
He didn't get to eat at Cracker Barrel on this trip. 

blink, blink
Did I really just see a sign for a town called Possum Grape?  
Yes.  yes, I did.
Moving right along. 
Tired of sitting!
Hallelujah - finding Jesus in Effingham, IL
Indiana! Finally, we get to stop for the night. In Terra Haute.
Ah man, Chuck's taken his pants off already (not like he wears any!) 
who can he find who will deliver food?
Jimmy Johns to the rescue!
Some early morning prank calls....
then back on the road!
The Nestle Quik bunny!
Pendleton, IN
Of course we stop at Love's truck stops! 
The best thing we've seen all day!  Only 3 more hours to home from this point. 
Aahhhh! We're in the neighborhood!
Home Sweet Home!
Uh oh.  Chuck can't be blamed for this! 
I can narrow it down to a possible 2 of 3 cats who would be the culprit. 
And one I suspect more than the kitten, surprisingly. 

Thanks for tagging along on Chuck's journey!  
I'm sure he will be making more appearances throughout the rest of the winter.  
He's not going back out in the garage with the rest of the skeletons (not easy to get to that corner right now!) so he'll be available to play with. 

I should mention some of the reactions I got to carrying Chuck around Hot Springs!   While on the Promenade, a woman actually came up and asked what the story was with him.  Kudos to her for figuring out there was a story involved!  Another woman with a herd of kids on Bathhouse Row called out to me and asked if they could see my elf - surprise! But her husband grew up not to far from where we live now.  Another family just stopped and stared.  Randy said it was hilarious, because I was so nonchalantly carrying him under my arm as I looked for photo ops!  The cashier at the Mountain Tower also asked and may even have checked out his hashtag (#skeletonroadtrip) on Instagram!  And the security guard at Garvan Gardens seemed suspicious and asked WHY I might be carrying a skeleton around with me.  

My story was simply "This is Chuck & he's Road-trippin'!  We travelled here from Michigan and I'm documenting his trip on Instagram".  Most people were pretty entertained and the rest probably thought I was a nut-case!